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Aaaaand it's back! Build Fighters returns with season 2. It's set 7 years later, with all new main characters. Hopefully some main ones will return with supporting roles.

The main character Sekai has an uncanny resemblence to Reiji, the two are definitely connected somehow. Other main character Yuuma is China's younger brother. He's the blue one. The third main character, the girl, is the yellow one. I like how they're so colour-coded, by their hair colour and matching gunpla colours.

So I've watched the 2 eps that are out so far. It's pretty solid so far.

From ep 1, the shelf in the Gunpla Battle Club room. Look on the left, it's the Moebius Zero!! <3

Sekai apparently spent some time in seclusion training with his master of the "Jigen Haoh school of kenpo", aka some sort of martial arts. Because of the fact that he got the Build Burning Gundam, I was thinking, "Is Sekai's master Master Asia?". Also, judging by the fact that it's called the "Build Burning Gundam", did Sei build it then? It was left inside the trophy they won, hidden inside a Dom, somehow.

Episode 1 didn't have an opening. The opening was shown in ep 2.

Is that you, Domon Kasshu?? That person is most likely Sekai's master. So then it's Domon instead of Master Asia? Or do those pointy spikes belong to Reiji?

Mr. Ral is back! (well, he was back last episode, seen stalking the school, when his gunpla battle sense tingled...). Is he going to participate in a battle this time? Also, I like how he looks exactly the same as he did 7 years ago. This guy is immortal.

Some things I picked up in ep 2:

See that bag there? See that label on the bag (that I outlined in black)? It's from Iori's gunpla shop. Good to know they're still in business 7 years later. Though I imagine Sei winning the world championship brought a lot of business.

No, he's not from this school, he just stalks Gunpla Battlers. He seems to have special gunpla battle senses. He has good intentions though; otherwise it would be kinda creepy, in the stalker sense of the word.

Freedommmmmm!!!!! Probably MG judging by its size. Yuuma's first gunpla is the Saviour apparently (he also has a huge poster of the boxart in his room lol). He does remind me of Athrun, being the serious no-non-sense one who is also kinda angsty and hard on himself.

Is that you, Lady Une?


It's a bit weird that after 7 years, the equipment for Gunpla Battles still looks the same, like the technology hasn't improved much. Or maybe it was already too advanced back in the first season. I'm curious as to how team battle works. Seems that Yuuma is a sniper while Sekai prefers close combat, so they could work well together. Not sure where Fumina fits in, maybe as the leader?

As for the other Gundam series this season, G no Reconguista (aka G-Reco), so far it's.... interesting I guess. It's not all that exciting yet, and I'm not sure where it's headed after 3 episodes.

The mech designs look.... weird. It's not necessarily a bad thing I guess, it just looks pretty different. The main Gundam, "G-Self" (Gundam series are full of weird names, but usually Gundam names are... not as weird?) just looks odd. I suppose it makes it unique, but still, there's something unsettling about its eyes....

The main character is pretty cool. I like that he's cheerful and a bit of a smart alec and not at all angsty (even after being made to realize he killed someone). He's also assembling a harem it seems. I'm not sure I like any of the main girls though, they're all kinda annoying, in their own way.

And Harobe... when I first saw it in the PV I was like "wtf is that thing, that's not a Haro.... is it?". And after watching it in action, I have to say, it's pretty cute. It has the traits of the Gundam 00 Orange Haro that I love, in that it makes amusing comments at the best moments, and that it says things twice, and its voice is pretty cute. Also, it seems to be able to change its "facial" expression.

The world setting reminds me a LOT of the world of Turn A. I haven't actually gotten too far in Turn A, but just the feeling of the setting is similar. In particular, the fact that the futuristic/sci-fi/high tech/modern things are just mixed together with antique-looking things. For example, the world of G-Reco has space elevators and advanced robotics, but people are living in old-fashioned brick buildings, dressed like they were in the 1920s, and drove old-fashioned cars. It's sometimes pretty jarring. The pilots wear modern/futuristic looking suits, but then the people around them wore old-fashioned clothes.

I think this screenshot from ep 3 shows what I mean:
The commander was giving orders using a rotary phone. Yeah.

I dunno, maybe things that are old-fashioned to us now will make a comeback in the future, but it still looks weird to see outdated things alongside futuristic things.

I wouldn't say G-Reco is bad, but it's certainly not my most looked forward to show this season. I also don't think I can recommend this to anyone who's not a Tomino fan? Yeah, let's put it that way lol.

Oh, one last thing, the ending sequence is very cheerful. Like, almost unnaturally so. It's not just the song, but the images as well. It's like everyone was on happy drugs or something. Makes me wonder if I should bother with a Death BIngo for this or not (I'm definitely making one for Cross Ange). Also, I see the obligatory masked character, yay. He's silver-haired though, seems that they're breaking the blond mould in recent Gundam series.