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Mwu figure

Years ago, when I first started collecting anime figures, I remember complaining to mirinee that there was no non-chibi figures of Mwu. There are 2 of Neo, and we were annoyed that there wasn't any of Mwu.

Recently, I came across a listing on eBay for a Neo figure from the HGIF Gundam Characters 4</a> set. The listing showed that this figure came with a mask-less version of Neo, and a thought came to my head: what if I remade this figure into a Mwu figure?

I forgot to take a photo of the figure before, so here's one from the eBay listing:

I also didn't take any photos while it was being worked on, so I only have the final images >__<

First thing I did was chop off his hair. It was actually easier than I expected. I cut it off with scissors, than shaved each layer by layer with a craft knife.

Next came the painting. I just used dollar-store acrylic paint. I painted the black EA uniform into Mwu's white one, and his ZAFT-like boots into the EA one. Unfortunately with my skills, I couldn't make him wear his uniform casually like Mwu does (ie sleeves rolled up and jacket open). I tried painting the gloves skin coloured, and painted over the scar. I also had to repaint over his hair because the cut plastic was white.

So here's the final product:

The other thing I couldn't do was make his uniform "flaps" go away. I can't cut the flaps off very well, so I thought it might be better to just leave them be.

Some closeups. Painted border on his collar and gave the the correct stripes.