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Real Grade Strike

And here's the Real Grade Strike's post, as promised. Photos of the RG Skygrasper can be found in this post.

There's lots of pictures in this post. Click on them to see the bigger image.

Progress shots

I didn't actually take that many progress shots, kinda forgot to ^^;

One of the features of RG kits is that it uses the "Advanced MS Joint" on the 1/144 scale kit, which I ingeniously didn't take a photo of when I used it >__< But it's advertised on the box so it's probably not hard to find images of it. Basically these parts have built-in joints, and create the skeleton of the Gundam, which gives it great range of movement. I was quite impressed by how the joints are rotated and attached. My favourite part is probably the hands, how they're fully jointed, even if the thumb somtimes comes off (it pops back in).

So yeah, in my wonderment at the Advanced MS Joint system, I forgot to take progress shots..... I only remembered when I finished the legs. Here are dem legs:

And to show how the legs bend really well; the feet have some degree of movement as well, allowing it to lift its heel

Torso. The cockpit can open and close (though it requires a bit of fiddling)

Aaaand that's all the progress shots I've got, sorry lol

It took longer than the Skygrasper because it has more parts. But honestly I think I spent more time putting on the decals than putting the Strike together, at least, it felt that way lol. The kit also comes with the Aile pack.


Aile Strike

The Strike comes with the Aile pack. Also comes with parts for the gun, shield, 2x sabers, 2x knives, and tiny unpainted standing figure of Kira Yamato (ie he's not meant to go in the cockpit 'cause I guess unlike the Skygrasper where you can see into the cockpit, you can't really see into Strike's so there's no point in putting him in there). No I didn't paint Kira, I haven't even cut him out of the runners because I'm afraid I'll lose him and I don't know what to do with him lol

Details are amazing <3 For its shoulder decals, you have a choice between "O.M.N.I.", "X105", and "AA08". I picked "X105" and "AA08" (AA = Archangel, I'm not sure what 08 means though...?)

Back view. You can see that even the back of the shield is detailed.

Awesome poseability thanks to the Advanced MS Joint system.

Cockpit opens, though there's nothing inside

I am quite impressed by this: the knives actually go in the pockets on the Strike's side! =D

Dem knives

Forgot to take photos of it with the beam sabres. But see those handles on top of the Aile pack? You can pull them out and attach the sabre part.


Sword / Launcher Strike

Got the Sword and Launcher packs with the Skygrasper.

The sword is rather large

The beam boomerang on its shoulder can be detached, and it comes with a pink plastic "beam" thing for it; you can also attach that to the bottom of the sword. The Roc-Anchor (thing on its arm which deploys a claw-like head, which I think was used once, in ep 6 against the Blitz) can also be detached, there's even a little wire piece for it.

Launcher Strike, doesn't have as many detachable or configurable parts as the Sword. But you can have the gun in one hand and the launcher in the other

Don't mind me, just holding my giant cannon

"Nerai utsu ze!" (oops wrong show lol)



*sigh* I still haven't started on my PG Strike, that's probably next on my list. So I can't compare this Strike with it. But I do have the HG Strike (also 1/144) that I can compare with.

Left = RG, Right = HG. I had to paint quite a number of things on the HG Strike. It was also like my second kit ever, so please forgive the terrible paint job lol. I don't have bases for either Strike, and it was actually kind of challenging to get them both to balance to take the photo. One would always fall over while I'm posing the other.

Front and back comparisons

Showdown! The HG Strike also came with the Aile pack, but I'm displaying mine as the Gunbarrel Strike, and I can't find where I put the rest of its parts, including the Aile pack.

Brofist (I was originally going for high-five, but I only have fisted hand for the HG Strike lol). The second image is showing how their joints bend, in particular, how the knee joint bends differently.

Accessory comparisons. Left = RG, Right = HG. The HG's shield basically came as 2 parts, and I painted the yellow and white. I didn't bother painting the gun.

This made me a little sad; As I said above, I have my HG Strike displaying as the Gunbarrel Strike (the Gunbarrel pack came from the HG Strike Dagger kit) because that's my favourite Striker pack, even if it's not entirely canon lol. I was hoping I would be able to attach the Gunbarrel pack to the RG Strike, but sadly, they're not compatible T__T Also sadly, because Gunbarrel Strike isn't quite canon, there is no, and probably won't be, a RG kit for it...

So while the RG Strike is much more detailed and articulated than the HG Strike, the HG Strike has one thing that RG doesn't: the ability to become Gunbarrel Strike <33


Final thoughts

Like the Skygrasper, the Strike is amazing in its details, and I love how poseable it is. I would definitely recommend it, especially if you don't want to spend the money or don't have the space or time or patience for the Perfect Grade. I also hardly did any painting or touchups for it, and it still looks pretty good (the colours are accurate in the right places). I would recommend getting an action base for it though (which I don't have lol), it will stand on its own, but it makes posing a lot easier, because the Aile pack is a bit weighty.

I will finish the post with this:

RG Perfect Strike!!!! Or at least, I tried. Basically combining the Sword, Launcher, and Aile packs; all it's missing are the extra battery packs! lol
(actually, the Aile pack doesn't quite fit on the Strike, because the Gun-Launcher unit on its right shoulder is in the way, and I basically just had it balanced on the Strike's back; but the Sword equipment doesn't get in the way, so you can totally equip both Sword and Aile =D)

In conclusion, I love Real Grade kits! Will pick up Freedom and maybe Strike Freedom. Can't wait for the Exia <33