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Real Grade Skygrasper

Finished my Real Grade (RG) Skygrasper + Launcher/Sword kit, and took lots of pictures. Sharing them in this post. Warning: this post has lots of photos. I've inserted them mostly as thumbnails. Click on them to see the full image.

I originally was going to put my RG Strike photos in this post as well, but then it got long as it is, so the Strike is in this post

Progress images

Inside the Skygrasper + launcher/sword pack. There's lots of parts for a 1/144 scale kit.

I started off with the Skygrasper. The first thing in the instructions was "put tiny pilot inside cockpit". The pilot (Mwu of course) is unpainted, so if I wanted to paint him, the best time to do it would be before cutting him out. He's quite tiny. He also doesn't have a lower body; unlike the PG Skygrasper where it has all of him sitting in the seat, he just slots into the cockpit piece.

1/144 scale unpainted pilot Mwu, comparing his size to a penny.

I painted him with markers. Yeah it's messy I know, but I tried.

Put into the cockpit. The purple thing is the lid of the sharpie I used.

The main body

I realized too late that the Skygrasper seats are orange, not black; but I realized this when I've already assembled the main body, and it'd be a pain to take it apart, so I just sighed and said "oh well".

Back half of the plane. I love the details <3

All but the main cannon. Details <33

The under side

And done. It came with a lot of decals, I didn't use them all 'cause I think it looks a bit too cluttered.

I forget how long it took me, but it didn't take all that long. Aside from the pilot, I didn't do any painting (I just pencilled in the panel lines); the colours are all where they should be. The wings can move back and forth slightly; the main cannon can fully rotate and move up and down; the side cannons can also move slightly.

It comes with parts for landing gear as well, but I'm not using them.


Finished photos, with Striker packs

Also built the Launcher and Sword packs. The Aile pack came with the Strike.

And now, some picspam of Skygrasper in its many forms =D

The cockpit can open <33

From the back

Launcher Grasper <33 (big part of the reason I got this kit lol, unfortunately the PG Skygrasper only had the Aile pack).

Sword Grasper

I don't have a base for the Skygrasper unfortunately, so I can't really display it with the sword hanging down (as you can probably tell by the shadow, I took this photo sideways lol), but you could if you had a base.

Aile Grasper

The Aile Grasper is probably the most balanced-looking of the three. Though because the Strike usually uses the Aile pack, I think we see the Aile Grasper like... once? and it wasn't used in battle either, Mwu was just delivering the Aile parts to the Strike.


Comparisons with other Skygraspers

Some comparisons with other Skygraspers. I have the 1/144 scale EX Skygrasper that came with the Moebius Zero, and the Perfect Grade Skygrasper.

The EX Skygrasper is very simple, and I had to do a lot of painting to get the right colours (please excuse my terrible painting job X.x). The two Skygraspers side by side; both are 1/144 scale

PG Skygrasper + Aile pack. Some size comparisons

I don't have a Shield or gun for the PG one yet, because I haven't started on my PG Strike yet lol. You can see that despite being much smaller, the RG Skygrasper doesn't compromise any details really, compared to the PG one. One thing that I do wish the RG Skygrasper came with, is the same decals on the PG, mainly, the decals on the body for the "Endymion" logo, and "Mwu La Fllaga". But that's just my personal wish lol.


Final thoughts

I'm so in love with the amount of details on this kit, despite its small size. Would I recommend this kit? Absolutely! If you like the Skygrasper, or even if you want the Launcher or Sword pack for the RG Strike, it's definitely worth it. I think it's the best affordable Skygrasper kit (if you don't want to spent like $60 on the PG). Difficulty-wise, it requires some patience, since it has so many parts compared to other gunpla of its scale, but because of its number of pieces, it requires pretty much no painting. Even if you don't do any detailing or touchups, it still looks good.

This shot is me trying to imitate this image from the artbook. Unfortunately I don't have any missiles or any sort of weapons.

I'm so glad the Real Grade line included the Skygrasper <33 Now if only there is a RG Moebius Zero.....