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So these figures came in the mail a couple days ago:

I'm trying to collect all figures of Mwu (and most of Murrue, I can't afford the B-club one and can't do resin kits). Still kind of sad that there's no non-chibi figure of Mwu.

Anyway, what drew my attention is the quote on the boxes. With my limited knowledge of Japanese, I was able to read them.

Murrue's says: 私は... モビルアーマー乗りは嫌いです。 [I... don't like Mobile Armor pilots.]
Mwu's says: あ、俺今、モビルスーツのパイロット。 [ah, I'm now a Mobile Suit pilot.]

Which is their exchange in ep 38 after their first kiss (before their second one). I squee'd for like 5 mins. *is a hopeless fangirl*

I'm kind of curious what the other figures in the set have for their quotes (the other figures are pilot suit Kira, Yzak, Dearka, Freedom, Buster, and Duel, and there's another set with Kira Athrun Lacus Cagalli), but I can't find any photos of the side of the box....