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Shipping meme part 1

I'm in a shipping mood, so I decided to do the "30-day" Shipping Meme. 'cept my answers aren't long enough to justify one post a day; that, and I doubt I'd remember to post one per day lol. So instead I'll just divide it up into three posts.

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After rewatching SEED, and re-reading my old fanfics from 2006, I think that my current views of Mwu and Murrue's characters and their relationship remain largely unchanged. There are a few differences though, now that I'm older (am I more mature? I don't know lol), and have more experience in relationships.

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With this new view of them, I want to start a writing project (I said "start", I have no idea if I can "finish", I've always been bad at doing that lol): the 50 phases of Captain and Commander; basically 50 ficlets set one per episode.

Back to Fangirling over SEED and MxM

*blows the huge layer of dust off this journal* Haha I haven't used this since Jan 2012.

So over the Christmas break, on a whim, I decided to rewatch Gundam SEED. And since the HD remaster was out, I watched it on that. I've watched SEED at least 5 or 6 times. But it's been 8 years since I started getting obsessed with it. (my first fanart/fanfic were posted Jan 2006 lol)
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Yes I still have a fangirl crush on Mwu, 8 years later lol. Rewatching SEED just reminded me of how awesome he is. He's just oozing with charisma and flair that no other character has even come close, even after like 8 years of watching many many anime series.

And Mwu x Murrue is still my OTP (ahhh they're still so adorable together, love all the MxM scenes *flails* )

I went back and read my old fanfics from 2006, and I'm actually impressed with the 17-year-old me. Most of it aren't bad; only some made me cringe lol.

I also dug out my fanfic files from my harddrive. There are some unfinished things on there that makes me want to polish and finish them, and lots of ideas popped up that wanted to be written down. But I'm not sure if I can write like I used to lol, I'm quite rusty (Athrun: Rusty!).

I do have a writing project in mind though (Mwu x Murrue of course). It was originally going to be a drawing project, but then I realized it would be much easier as a writing project since I take forever to draw things lol.

I also was going to write about how my views of Mwu and Murrue's characters and relationship has changed since 8 years ago. But it was getting waaaaay long and probably should be its own entry, so I'll do just that.

Gundam SEED remastering ep 1 thoughts

I was excited about the Gundam SEED remaster project, but after seeing episode 1, I'm kinda disappointed... Yes it's nice that everything's in widescreen now, and some scenes look really nice. But then there are scenes like this

yeah.. not HD. In fact, that's worse than the original!

( Fake cut to my WP blog, 'cause I'm too lazy to rewrite everything )

I'm disappointed at the inconsistency of quality.. but then again, Gundam 00 season 2 had its share of derp faces (like these ), so I dunno... I just hate how filtered some scenes look! Including Mwu's introduction scene, which looked good in the original but now are butchered...

I hope they make it better for the Bluray...

Gundam 00 Comics and Crack Fanart

As requested, I'm putting up an index sort of thing for the Gundam 00 comics and crack fanart I've drawn (and posted to gundam00 ). I'll update this entry as I draw more madness XD

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Thoughts on Gundam AGE

I just watched episode 7 of Gundam AGE, and to be honest, I'm still not very excited about the series...

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Hershel Layton, Gundam, ikimasu!

I couldn't help myself after seeing Gundam AGE, and knowing that the creator of Professor Layton is writing the story. Layton could probably pilot a Gundam, if he was ever met with one.

Layton, Gundam, Let's go
by *MapleRose on deviantART

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