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Just watched ep 17 of Gundam Build Fighters, and omg the references! I'm really enjoying this show. So glad I picked up this series.

So after last week's Reiji x Aila episode set in the interlude before the finals, this episode features round 1 of the finals.

About 5 mins in, we're shown the bracket for the tournament.


The first thing I saw was "Patrick Mannequin" (4th name from top right), and went "omg omg omg it's Patttrrriiiccckkk!!!" It's one of the characters that haven't been shown yet (and I don't know if he will be shown, considering his opponent is also someone who hasn't been featured), but I totally think it's Gundam 00's Patrick Colasaur. It would not surprise me at all if Patrick took Kati's last name when they got married ('cause she's totally in charge in that relationship lol).

The second thing I noticed, was how Reiji and Aila are on the same side of the bracket, meaning that if they do end up fighting, it wouldn't be in the finals (though I guess it would make sense if it was Reiji vs Meijin Kawaguchi in the finals).

Also, there's a Canadian representative (whom we haven't seen) in the finals, though unfortunately he's up against Kawaguchi so he'll probably lose in the first round...

I didn't expect Mao vs Reiji to be so early, but I guess out of all of Reiji's rivals, Mao is one of the least...threatening one?

Then the episode goes into Mao's backstory, and the time he spent with his Master at the Gunpla Shingyo School (which makes me laugh every time that comes up; Gunpla is srsbsn in this world, there's Gunpla mafia, Gunpla undercover police, and even Gunpla schools (basically like dojos)).

There's a shot of the Master's shelf. Aside from Gunpla, there's a shelf dedicated to figures of female Gundam characters.


They look like really nice figures, and I want them.

During a flashback scene, Mao and his Master discuss who their favourite female Gundam character is. Look at the blurred figures in the background of this screenshot:


I saw Marina first, and then Sayla and Marida. And then I was like, wait, is that Murrue?! Omg it totally is her!


Mao's favourite is Emma Sheen. I commend him for his choice, Emma is pretty awesome.

And when Mao asked his Master, "what about you?"


LMAO!!!! We saw Sei in Kira's pilot suit in the Strike's cockpit in ep 1 (during his fantasy scene), I did not expect to see this cameo lol. It's a little weird seeing her in Build Fighter's art style, but I'm glad it's SEED Murrue (I love love her EA uniform).

And she was yelling "Fire", which was probably re-recorded, since Murrue's VA voices Sei's mom, lol.


Haha, I don't know if I approve of this DOM (dirty old man)'s reasons for picking Murrue as his favourite, but the cameo was still pretty awesome. And I find it kind of funny that they're pointing out all the (unnecessary) jiggle physics in SEED >___>

And later in the ep still, we see a closeup of the other half of the shelf. There we go.


And then finally, a closeup of the Murrue figure. *wishes that figure was irl* It's probably 1/7 or 1/8 scale, and I love the pose. Ahhhh *flails*


The actual fight felt a little anti-climactic. I mean, it was still kind of adrenaline-rush-inducing with the epic music and closeup shots and speedlines, but the final exchange....


Um... what? The Build Strike was punching the beam. Yeah.

The outcome was...well, pretty predictable. I feel a little bad for Mao, he was a pretty cool kid. But being the main characters, I would think Reiji and Sei would make it to the finals?

In either case, according to the bracket, their next opponent is Marty Stu, the American Samurai-Ninja (yeah, that's right) Nils Nelson. Probably won't be a easy fight, considering how Nils has been shown to be OP so far. But like I said, being main characters, I still think Reiji and Sei will prevail.

This show is exciting! It really helps with the Monday blues lol.