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Welcome one and all!

What you'll see in this journal is:

  • Fangirl ramblings about my latest obsessions, ie Gundam 00 S2, and Gundam SEED mostly

  • Randomness and crack, like picture stories and my Gunpla photos

  • Fanfiction, usually Mwu x Murrue, for 30_kisses and 30_memories, and other cracky fics

  • Occasional fanart

  • Memes stolen from ppl

  • RL stuff, those will be friendlocked usually, so random people don't have to read my complaints about life XD

  • But other than the RL stuff, all the posts will be public, 'cause I believe in the sharing and spreading of crack and obsession!

If you want, feel free to friend me, I usually friend back, well, if you talk to me that is, I feel weird friending back someone who randomly friends me without saying anything though.

Aaaaand it's back! Build Fighters returns with season 2. It's set 7 years later, with all new main characters. Hopefully some main ones will return with supporting roles.

The main character Sekai has an uncanny resemblence to Reiji, the two are definitely connected somehow. Other main character Yuuma is China's younger brother. He's the blue one. The third main character, the girl, is the yellow one. I like how they're so colour-coded, by their hair colour and matching gunpla colours.

So I've watched the 2 eps that are out so far. It's pretty solid so far.

Contains spoilers and screenshotsCollapse )

It's a bit weird that after 7 years, the equipment for Gunpla Battles still looks the same, like the technology hasn't improved much. Or maybe it was already too advanced back in the first season. I'm curious as to how team battle works. Seems that Yuuma is a sniper while Sekai prefers close combat, so they could work well together. Not sure where Fumina fits in, maybe as the leader?

As for the other Gundam series this season, G no Reconguista (aka G-Reco), so far it's.... interesting I guess. It's not all that exciting yet, and I'm not sure where it's headed after 3 episodes.
More on G-RecoCollapse )

I wouldn't say G-Reco is bad, but it's certainly not my most looked forward to show this season. I also don't think I can recommend this to anyone who's not a Tomino fan? Yeah, let's put it that way lol.

Oh, one last thing, the ending sequence is very cheerful. Like, almost unnaturally so. It's not just the song, but the images as well. It's like everyone was on happy drugs or something. Makes me wonder if I should bother with a Death BIngo for this or not (I'm definitely making one for Cross Ange). Also, I see the obligatory masked character, yay. He's silver-haired though, seems that they're breaking the blond mould in recent Gundam series.

So I came across a new series this season, "Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons", and I got interested because I read some of its staff worked on Gundam SEED/Destiny. In particular, the mech designer, and Fukuda, SEED's director, are on the staff.

Two episodes in, and it's pretty good so far, and I think it has good potential, despite its.... yuri-ness. But that's not what this post is about. I'll post more about Cross Ange itself later.

No, I'm making this post because as soon as I saw the animation of the main mech flying around, and the opening, it immediately gave me Gundam SEED/Destiny vibes. So I took a closer look at the opening sequence, and I'm going to compare scenes to SEED/Destiny ones to show you what I mean.

For reference, the opening can be seen on Crunchyroll (the opening starts about 3 mins in, but you can see the main mech flying around before that, and it just screams "Freedom" to me)

So without further ado, let's look at the opening scenes. The left-most image in the row are from Cross Ange, subsequent ones are GS/D.
Hit the jump for imagesCollapse )

Mwu figure

Years ago, when I first started collecting anime figures, I remember complaining to mirinee that there was no non-chibi figures of Mwu. There are 2 of Neo, and we were annoyed that there wasn't any of Mwu.

Recently, I came across a listing on eBay for a Neo figure from the HGIF Gundam Characters 4</a> set. The listing showed that this figure came with a mask-less version of Neo, and a thought came to my head: what if I remade this figure into a Mwu figure?

Photos and stuffCollapse )

Ahh this ep makes me so giddy, so much fanservice in shape of Gundam character cameos.

There's this Gundam festival happening. Why can't this be irl!! I mean, there's Gunpla building and fighting, and all sort of Gundam-themed food.
Like these Haro cookies!

And now I play "spot the character" (I probably missed some, but here are the ones that I recognized)
spot the characterCollapse )
other stuff that happenedCollapse )
Next ep seems to be the final battle. Who will win, Meijin Kawaguchi or Sei and Reiji??

Real Grade Strike

And here's the Real Grade Strike's post, as promised. Photos of the RG Skygrasper can be found in this post.

There's lots of pictures in this post. Click on them to see the bigger image.

Progress shots

I didn't actually take that many progress shots, kinda forgot to ^^;
only a few imagesCollapse )

Aile Strike

The Strike comes with the Aile pack. Also comes with parts for the gun, shield, 2x sabers, 2x knives, and tiny unpainted standing figure of Kira Yamato (ie he's not meant to go in the cockpit 'cause I guess unlike the Skygrasper where you can see into the cockpit, you can't really see into Strike's so there's no point in putting him in there). No I didn't paint Kira, I haven't even cut him out of the runners because I'm afraid I'll lose him and I don't know what to do with him lol
images, lots of themCollapse )

Sword / Launcher Strike

Got the Sword and Launcher packs with the Skygrasper.

lots more imagesCollapse )


*sigh* I still haven't started on my PG Strike, that's probably next on my list. So I can't compare this Strike with it. But I do have the HG Strike (also 1/144) that I can compare with.
a tale of two StrikesCollapse )

Final thoughts

Like the Skygrasper, the Strike is amazing in its details, and I love how poseable it is. I would definitely recommend it, especially if you don't want to spend the money or don't have the space or time or patience for the Perfect Grade. I also hardly did any painting or touchups for it, and it still looks pretty good (the colours are accurate in the right places). I would recommend getting an action base for it though (which I don't have lol), it will stand on its own, but it makes posing a lot easier, because the Aile pack is a bit weighty.

I will finish the post with this:

RG Perfect Strike!!!! Or at least, I tried. Basically combining the Sword, Launcher, and Aile packs; all it's missing are the extra battery packs! lol
(actually, the Aile pack doesn't quite fit on the Strike, because the Gun-Launcher unit on its right shoulder is in the way, and I basically just had it balanced on the Strike's back; but the Sword equipment doesn't get in the way, so you can totally equip both Sword and Aile =D)

In conclusion, I love Real Grade kits! Will pick up Freedom and maybe Strike Freedom. Can't wait for the Exia <33

Real Grade Skygrasper

Finished my Real Grade (RG) Skygrasper + Launcher/Sword kit, and took lots of pictures. Sharing them in this post. Warning: this post has lots of photos. I've inserted them mostly as thumbnails. Click on them to see the full image.

I originally was going to put my RG Strike photos in this post as well, but then it got long as it is, so the Strike is in this post

Progress images

with picturesCollapse )

Finished photos, with Striker packs

Also built the Launcher and Sword packs. The Aile pack came with the Strike.

And now, some picspam of Skygrasper in its many forms =D
picspamCollapse )

Comparisons with other Skygraspers

Some comparisons with other Skygraspers. I have the 1/144 scale EX Skygrasper that came with the Moebius Zero, and the Perfect Grade Skygrasper.
even more photosCollapse )

Final thoughts

I'm so in love with the amount of details on this kit, despite its small size. Would I recommend this kit? Absolutely! If you like the Skygrasper, or even if you want the Launcher or Sword pack for the RG Strike, it's definitely worth it. I think it's the best affordable Skygrasper kit (if you don't want to spent like $60 on the PG). Difficulty-wise, it requires some patience, since it has so many parts compared to other gunpla of its scale, but because of its number of pieces, it requires pretty much no painting. Even if you don't do any detailing or touchups, it still looks good.

This shot is me trying to imitate this image from the artbook. Unfortunately I don't have any missiles or any sort of weapons.

I'm so glad the Real Grade line included the Skygrasper <33 Now if only there is a RG Moebius Zero.....

So these figures came in the mail a couple days ago:

I'm trying to collect all figures of Mwu (and most of Murrue, I can't afford the B-club one and can't do resin kits). Still kind of sad that there's no non-chibi figure of Mwu.

Anyway, what drew my attention is the quote on the boxes. With my limited knowledge of Japanese, I was able to read them.

Murrue's says: 私は... モビルアーマー乗りは嫌いです。 [I... don't like Mobile Armor pilots.]
Mwu's says: あ、俺今、モビルスーツのパイロット。 [ah, I'm now a Mobile Suit pilot.]

Which is their exchange in ep 38 after their first kiss (before their second one). I squee'd for like 5 mins. *is a hopeless fangirl*

I'm kind of curious what the other figures in the set have for their quotes (the other figures are pilot suit Kira, Yzak, Dearka, Freedom, Buster, and Duel, and there's another set with Kira Athrun Lacus Cagalli), but I can't find any photos of the side of the box....

Just watched ep 17 of Gundam Build Fighters, and omg the references! I'm really enjoying this show. So glad I picked up this series.

So after last week's Reiji x Aila episode set in the interlude before the finals, this episode features round 1 of the finals.

contains spoilers and screencaps, the usualCollapse )
This show is exciting! It really helps with the Monday blues lol.

Moebius Zero + other Mwu-related Gunpla

(Warning, this post has like 30 photos)

So I've had the 1/144 EX-15 Moebius Zero & Sky Grasper Gunpla set for a while, and it was just sitting there. Recently due to watching Gundam Build Fighters, and watching a series of "how to build Gunpla" videos, it made me want to build them.

The Zero is entirely orange plastic, which meant I had to paint it. Orange isn't really a good base for permanent markers (and the fact that I don't have the right shades of grey), so I decided to use Acrylic paint (black and white). I got the paint at the dollar store, and they worked surprisingly well.

photos of the ZeroCollapse )

And then I decided to do some group shots with other Gunpla that I have.

Moebius Zero with the Gunbarrel Strike =D They're both 1/144 scale. The Zero is bigger than I thought, compared to the Strike.

And then I realized that I've never actually taken photos of the Gunbarrel Strike, even though it's awesome and one of my fave Strike packs (even though it's never in the anime lol). So here are some photos of my Gunbarrel Strike gunpla. The Strike is the HG Aile Strike, and the Gunbarrel part is from the HG Gunbarrel Strike Dagger.

Gunbarrel Strike photosCollapse )

Gunbarrel Strike, Zero, and PG Skygrasper. I used the PG Skygrasper because at the time of this photoshoot, I haven't put together the Skygrasper from the EX set (it came with the Zero)

But then I finished the Skygrasper. It was entirely white (ie nothing was painted). I was too lazy to track down my other acrylics, so I used Gundam markers (for dark grey) and permanent markers (for orange and blue).
EX Skygrasper photosCollapse )

The awesome Mwu figure is made by mirinee, who sent it to me a couple years ago. Here he is with the Zero and Gunbarrel Strike.

Group photo!! This is all the Mwu figures and Mwu-related gunpla I have (well, before I finished 1/144 Skygrasper). For the SD Strike, I was too lazy to paint/line it. I had it as the Launcher Strike with Aile pack. I could not for the life of me find where I put its extra pieces, so I couldn't find the Sword pieces to create Perfect SD Strike.

That's all the Mwu-related gunpla I have =D

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